Mobile App Development


Why mobile app?

Brand Building

Brand Visibility increases brand awareness. When users repeatedly see your logo in their phone, your brand visibility is established.

Native Hardware Access

Normal mobile websites cannot access native hardware such as camera, voice recording, calendar, etc. A mobile app can access all hardware features and fit your business needs.

Quick and Smooth

Since mobile apps can pre install data in user devices without loading from the network remotely, they can run much quicker and smoother than web applications and provide a better user experience.

Push Notification

Push Notifications are great for marketing as you can stay in contact with your users. The notification can go directly to your user’s phone and it can even show in the lock screen. Most importantly, it is FREE!

Our Service

Android & iOS Cross Platform Development

Using the hybrid app development tools, your app can run on both Android and iOS platforms smoothly. With years of experience in publishing apps in both platforms, we can let you know the potential issues during the design phase so that your apps can publish in both Google Play and Apple App Store.

App Backend CMS

We will provide Content Management System(CMS) to let you continuously update the content without going through the lengthy app update review process.

App Design

The app design and functional flow is the backbone of the mobile app. We will create a complete app design flow chart and layout design to help both parties to understand the flow and details before the coding development phase.

UX Design

Apart from functional and UI design, we pay equal attention to UX design. During our design process, we would consider the aspects of usability, accessibility and interaction so as to optimize the user experience.

Years of experiences

From using Objective C in the early iOS development age to the latest hybrid cross platform development, our team has nearly ten years experience of mobile app development. We are definitely a reliable partner you can count on.