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Email Marketing System (EDM)

Believe it or not? According to Forrester Research and "Retailing Online 2009: Marketing Report" (2009), 89% of retailers said email is the most successful marketing tactic.

Our EDM solution is Effective, Immediate & Affordable!


  • Target email users worldwide with unlimited messages
  • Readers can share your email and make it an overnight viral success
  • Develop new campaigns based on different customer bases easily


  • Your email message is delivered quickly to recipient inboxes
  • Real-time reports show your open rate, click rate and bounce back
  • Customers start shopping within seconds of receiving your email


  • EDM starts at only HKD100 per month
  • Scaled pricing based on number of messages per month and price is as low as HKD0.01 per email

Our Clients

Our Clients